Proximity to Space Florida’s SLSL means the opportunity to have easy access to wet labs and research space and the opportunity to access experimental space research capabilities through Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS.)

SLSL maintains NASA’s partnership with the State of Florida in performing Biological and technology system-development in support of the Exploration Mission and the Center’s core responsibility to prepare payloads for flight.

  • Animal Care Facility
  • Bio-molecular/Microbial Ecology Lab
  • Controlled Environment Lab
  • Lighting Test Bed
  • Payload Support Labs
  • Analytical Chemistry lab
  • Engineering Support Lab
  • Low Pressure Test Bed

SLSL provides infrastructure to enable ISS Research including non-exploration research and maturation of critical Exploration technologies. It reduces mission risk at the launch site and assures payload support capabilities.

CASIS's mission is to coordinate payloads to the ISS National Lab. It is an independent, nonprofit research management organization that ensures the station’s capabilities are available to the broadest cross section of U.S. scientific, technological and industrial communities. CASIS supports innovations and new discoveries in science, engineering and technology that will improve life on Earth.